Why Scent?

The Power of Scent Memory & It’s Importance

The Sense of Smell

The strongest way to connect with your emotions and memories is through your sense of smell. People’s moods, behaviour, and specific memories can all be triggered by smell. Smell has a significant impact on the emotions we experience on a regular basis, and those feelings have a significant impact on how we relate to locations. People have been using scenting for thousands of years, but only recently have they begun to understand the advantages of scenting their homes.

Science of Smell

The limbic system of the brain, which governs emotion and memory, is home to our most primal sense—the sense of smell. The only sense in the human body that is always active and cannot be “switched off” is smell. The body’s first and most accurate tester, the sense of smell can decide right away whether or not a situation is pleasant. We identify memories and places with smells based on our personal experiences.

Over 10,000 distinct odours can be recognised by humans. Scent molecules that are inhaled enter the nose, pass via olfactory sensors, and send information to the limbic system’s olfactory bulb. The limbic system is part of the brain, thus memory, emotion, and focus are all directly related to smell.

Fragrance Standards

Due to the fact that our pure grade fragrance oils are free of synthetic toxins and volatile organic compounds, they can be diffused in public areas without the approval of the general public because they cannot create an allergic reaction in humans or animals.

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