Scent Marketing

The main focus of Plant Air is scent advertising. By increasing brand recognition and enhancing consumer satisfaction, we help you make your brand even more profitable.

People Buy Emotions!

Scent marketing aids in differentiating your business from rivals in a manner similar to a logo. The feelings and emotions of your customers are directly impacted by scent marketing, though. By doing this, you might be able to stay at the forefront of their minds and create associations in their brains that link your brand to positive feelings. As most purchases are based on feelings, you can increase client loyalty by appealing to those feelings, which, according to studies, are influenced to a greater or lesser extent by smell (by 75% in fact).

What is Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing entails dispersing distinctive scents at several client touchpoints around your area. This goes beyond just utilising an air freshener or fragrance to perfume your home. Through scent marketing, your brand’s essence is transformed into a distinctive aroma that will come to symbolise your company in the same way that your name and logo do. In essence, you’ll have an olfactory logo that amplifies client experience upon contact and effectively communicates your brand identity. Using the persuasion power of scent, scent marketing employs a perfume that is specifically created for your company, distributed through particular channels, supported by a well crafted strategy, and intended to meet your marketing objectives.

Why Scent Marketing?

Between you and a number of rivals who are attempting to spread similar messages, your customers must make a decision. People are more inclined to choose a brand that they can relate to on an emotional level and find memorable. As customers have a limited attention span, you need to keep their attention and persuade them to take an advantageous action that may result in a sale or brand conversion and, eventually, long-term brand loyalty. Scent marketing helps you increase client response in addition to visual and auditory components by integrating all five senses for an all-around memorable customer experience.

Why Scent Marketing With Plant Air?

Plant Air is a scent marketing company that specializes in ambient scenting. We transfer your brand’s essence into an uplifting aroma that will be evenly sprayed across customer touchpoints. Because of our expertise in creating perfumes for the retail sector, we are well-equipped to effectively transform smell marketing strategy into effective campaigns. Based on our knowledge of the scents that work best for your consumer profiles, we do this.

Words are insufficient in a cutthroat marketplace. Give your customers the chance to interact with you through their strongest sense of smell. Get in touch with us right away for scent marketing that properly supports your brand initiatives.

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