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We are an Indian based Scent Marketing company that provides the highest quality fragrance oils and scenting solutions to enhance the health and beauty of any space. Discover more about our unique scenting solutions and what they can do for your Business and Home.

Sijang Owned Company

We are a Sijang Group Owned Company set up to provide cost effect Scent Marketing solutions to Businesses and Homes in India

Quality Grade A Oils

We only use the highest grade quality environmental friendly oils in our fragrances.

No Fuss Installation

All our Scent Diffusers are Plug & Play operation and require no messy installation.

Wide Range of Scents

We stock a large range of different types of scents for you to choose from.

Modern Sleek Design

Our Scent Diffusers are both modern and stylish and be introduced seamlessly into any space.

Free Trial

We offer one week free discovery week trial for you to try out with no further obligation.

Scent Diffuser

Our Scent Diffusers

Designed and built with care

Plantair commercial & residential scent machines are the ideal solution for any sized area including hotels, offices, casinos, theatres, museums, retail, leisure, gyms, spas, special events and at home.

Our scent delivery systems feature advanced nano diffusion technology that converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry mist which releases it evenly into your environment.


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Scent Marketing Benefits:
By Creating the right Scent Marketing Strategy, you can see the increased positive effect it can have:
Increase Shopping Intent
Customers Stay Longer
Increase In Brand Impact
Elevate Mood By