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The main focus of Plant Air is scent marketing. By increasing brand recognition and enhancing consumer satisfaction, we help you make your brand even more profitable.

Harness the Power of Scent Marketing to Grow your Business

Plant Air has a wide range of scent diffusers, scent oils, reed diffusers and scent candles in store.

Integrate our tested scent marketing strategy into your marketing plans whether you run a hotel, spa, car dealership, retail store, office, fitness centre or another type of business to promote brand awareness and develop an opulent environment that is certain to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Have you been to a resort where you loved the smell and wished you could make your place smell like that?

A Glance At Our Applications

As one of India’s leading specialty Fragrances & Flavours company, we uphold a long legacy of taking consumers on a delightful journey of the senses.

Fine Fragrance

Personal Care & Beauty

Fabric Care Fragrance

Home Care Fragrance

Air Care Fragrance

Incense Fragrance

A Scent Can Mean Many Things,
But It is Always An Expression.

We at Plant Air want you to have an intensely sensual experience that allows you to express who you are. Discover the art of perfumery while indulging your sense of smell with some of the most distinctive scents the planet has to offer.

Exceeding Expectations
As an Industrial Fragrance Manufacturer

Our core values include an unwavering focus on quality and harmonious teamwork.
The following guidelines help to enhance our fundamental philosophy:


We delight our customers by having a passion for original creation.

Value For Money

Like a pleasant smell, providing quality at an affordable price makes an impact.

Excellent Service

Being available for our clients when they need us is a luxury for us rather than a service.


As soon as we attain a goal, it must automatically become the norm for us.

Business Scenting

Bring luxury scenting to your business and delight your customers.

Commercial Scenting

Spas Scenting

Hotels Scenting

Retail Stores Scenting

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