Quick Guide to Scenting Your Business

Comprehensive Guide

STEP 1: Pick a Fragrance

Select from our inventory by looking at the listed Resorts, Places, or Moods that match what you are looking for; or, take the Fragrance Test; or, fill out our quick Questionnaire to get immediate advice; or, contact us to talk through it. If you are not sure, we can send you sample fragrance blotters to choose from.

STEP 2: Pick a Scent Machine

Select our Scent Machine – Professional for connecting to your HVAC to get the scent everywhere each air handler covers, or as a free-standing/wall-mounted unit in a large open space; or, get our Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 to cover your entrance area as a free-standing/wall-mounted unit. We are happy to help you make this selection as well.
Scent Machine – Professional with Fragrance Oil
Scent Machine – Professional

STEP 3: Order Your Machine and Fragrance

Everything is listed on our website for easy purchase, and we would love to hear from you if you need anything to arrange a purchase.

STEP 4: Install Your Machine

Our machines just need a standard power outlet and draw less than 1.5 amps. The Scent Machine – Professional includes everything you need to make the simple connection to HVAC. User Guides include installation instructions. Here are the links to the user guides:

Scent Machine – Professional User Guide
Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 User Guide

Any issues? We are happy to talk through your installation, and we can arrange FaceTime consultations anytime to do it with you.

STEP 5: Smell Wonderful

You and your customers are going to love the way you smell – we guarantee it!

Share our Brochure this goes to the with your team if you need to run this by your partners – or give us a call +914479613260 or +91 9640422023.

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